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This is my Story..

My Why?..

Once upon a time, there was a girl with ambition, tenacity and spirit who came from a small farming, catholic family in east cork.This little girl had a dream to inspire and help others; to work with people in business. She worked hard, went to university and entered the world of work, where she met the HR Hero of her career.

Because of this, she learned how true leaders inspire; the importance of growth, sharing of knowledge, trust, respect, honest and meaningful communication. She built up her knowledge and experience over the years across industries and different sectors, until one day she met another HR leader, who felt threatened.

Her wings were clipped, her growth was stunted, her confidence was damaged and her self belief was lost. She was overcome with emotional turmoil and fear. Paralyzed, unable to move and distracted with the silver shiny objects of money and benefits, she was afraid to move and leave this manager.

Then one day the decision was made for her by the company to leave. Because of this, the little girl blossomed again. She regained new strength, passion and inner confidence. She got clarity on what was important and why. She came back bigger, brighter and stronger than ever.

One day she met another leader in another business, who was threatened and tried to clip her wings for a second time and the wings of others. This time she had the awareness, courage and sight to make the right decision and left the manager.

She now had a drive, a mission. She had a fire in her belly to enable others to make the right choices in relation to their work for the right reasons; to align themselves better and take back the power to self lead and succeed.

Until finally, she set up her own company to help reconnect business and the people in it, to realign people to their work. Today, this girl is me.