Performance is 36.4% higher when managers emphasize strengths.


    Higher use of strengths increases the odds of flourishing at work 18 times.


    People who use their strengths at work are 6 times more engaged.

  • What We Do

    We enable leaders and individual contributors to have better HR conversations and make better decisions with purpose and meaning in a flexible work movement.


    More specifically, we enable tenacious and authentic companies to realize the full profit potential of the business, using remote work practices and strengths based leadership. We help leaders manage remote skills, individuals contributors and teams to increase their strengths awareness to align themselves better to their work.


    Why Strengths? A strength isn’t simply something you are good at or capable of doing well, it also gives you energy when you are performing. We should be using our strengths more and our weakness less. Research tells us when managers emphasize strengths when managing, it improves retention by 50%, performance by 36.4% and engagement 77%.


    Creativity, curiosity, collaboration, adaptability and resilience are skills we need to focus on acquiring today if we want to succeed tomorrow. Do you know who on your team has what skill in this age of advancing technology, artificial intelligence and remote working? Do you know whats missing? Do you know the drainers and radiators in your team? Do your people know? Are you leveraging your human capital and skills to their full potential? Could you be managing and developing your people better for the future? How can you align them better to make your business better?


    We use some 20 years HR experience of working with business leaders across remote and hybrid settings as well as scientific based data to help answer these questions and embed a culture of self-awareness and self-leadership. Bring out the best in your people and build a better, more resilient business for the future.


    Building a Remote Future

    Manage the future success of your business

    'Business increase their chances of future success, when offering flexible working.'

    • Learn what you need to do and why
    • Discover how to recruit for remote skills
    • Discover how to manage and develop remote skills in teams
    • Walk away with new tools, knowledge and confidence on how to put remote practices in place and set your business up for success

    Cost: Price may vary for remote HR consultancy, depending on client needs.


    Strengthen Your Business

    Bring out the best in business using strength-based leadership

    'Organisations that manage talent end to end using strengths based leadership build a better culture for the future'

    • Recruit using strengths to hire the right people with the right attitude, skills and build better teams a more strategic way.
    • Manage feedback and performance using strengths to make difficult conversations easier, explore weakness and vulnerabilities with less fear, more acceptance and shape culture.
    • Discuss career development using strengths to strategically align, individually stretch, and retain your talent a more meaningful way.

    Cost: €100 per hour +VAT for HR consultancy. Price does not include cost of individual profiles and may vary according to client needs.


    Strengthen Your Teams

    Focus and bring out the best in teams using team strengths coaching

    'Teams that use strengths every day are 50% more likely to have lower turnover'.

    • Define the outcome for your team. It could be you want to identify skills gaps, strengthen relationships, delegate work, unlock potential, improve self awareness, build resilience, encourage self leadership, improve how things are done or collaborate more.
    • Each team member completes an online assessment and receives a 1.5 hour one to one coaching debrief session in advance of a team profile analysis.
    • An interactive group workshop is held to share the team profile results and enable the team together to take the right strengths-based actions to achieve the goal.

    Cost: Price may vary according to client needs.


    Strengthen Your Individuals

    Bring out your best self and self lead using 1-2-1 strengths coaching

    'Employees increase their chances of developing 18 fold, when using their strengths.'

    • Individuals complete a twenty minute online assessment.
    • Results are shared with individuals in advance of a 1.5 hour debrief coaching session. 
    • Individuals walk away with new valuable awareness and clear strengths-based actions on how best to get the results they want and professionally develop. 

    Cost: From €175 per person +VAT, depending on client needs.

  • The Strengths Profile

    We use scientific based data from a strengths assessment called 'Strengths Profile' to provide 360 vision of individuals and teams to inform decisions. 60 different strengths are measured based on performance, use and energy. A holistic quadrant profile that is affordable, easily understood and transferable across all HR type conversations, revealing three categories of strength and one category of weakness is shared with participants in advance of a full debrief coaching session.

    Using the above model of development, we undertake a behavioural SWOT analysis of strengths and weaknesses across individuals and teams at work. We make the data meaningful to help clients make better decisions; to understand what they need to do more and less of to achieve more success and feel energized doing it.

  • Who We Are

    'The only way to do great work is to love what you do' - Steve Jobs

    Maria Treacy

    Strengths Consultant

    With over 18 years professional senior HR experience across various industry, Maria understands business, how it works and the challenges that co-exist with money, technology, people and a changing work climate. Maria's favorite things to do in the whole world are; enabling passionate people in authentic, tenacious business to grow and excel, daily exercise for her body and soul, and surfing online when she can, typically late at night for quirky fashion items and style inspiration, when the kids are in bed and the laptop is away. 'Different' was probably her first word, and she uses it to describe herself – because what gets her out of bed in the morning is working a different way with people in business who want to be authentic, true to themselves, aligned to their work, doing what they love and have more success. She’s on a mission to help them discover how, through self-awareness using strengths, self-acceptance and having the courage to 'be the change they want to be' in a flexible work movement - Ghandi


  • Testimonials

    What My Clients Say

    Strengths-based HR Consultancy

    Kate Hyde, Owner and Managing Director - 'Often I am feeling my way in the dark and so to have this professional guidance is just, well, great to be honest. What fantastic insight Maria gave me in the HR consultancy work she did and conversations we had. I found it amazing she picked up such a lot in the short time we had together. She made some amazing points. It's very clear to me how they will work. And good to know there is a framework (for want of a better word) to make this happen. Thanks so much for this, Maria. Really found it so helpful (and calming)'

    HR Compliance and Best Practice

    John Clifford, Finance Director - 'Maria helped us update our policies and contracts in a business that is changing and growing. She helped us make sense of the law and put better structure in place. We now have clarity, alignment and more confidence as a management team. She was organised, attentive and always available to help. She gave us a professional and consistently high quality service.'

    Employment Law Advice

    Vaughan Ryan, Business Owner and Director - 'Thanks Maria for your professionalism. In today's ever complex world of employment law, it's both prudent and necessary to have access to professional and independent HR advice on all your employment matters. As a small retail business in Cork city with 4 employees we know this all too well as we had occasion this year to call on Maria's HR expertise. Her timely advice and professional expertise helped us avoid an expensive employment contract issue. We would highly recommend Maria and MTReconnect.'

    Strengths-based Leadership Coaching

    Sally Anne Quirke, Owner - 'Maria has a gift. I found her leadership coaching style calming and future focused, I left Maria feeling more confident and clear. She takes you on a journey and enables you to gain clarity and take action around what's right for you and your business. Thank you Maria.'

    Strengths-based Leadership Development

    Ciarán Deasy, Chief Financial Officer - 'From the very first management development workshop I attended with Maria on how to manage teams with more success, I learned so much. It was brilliant, I couldn't wait for the next one. She is knowledgeable, inspirational and her sessions are practical, thought provoking and refreshing. She is not the atypical HR Manager you might be used to for all the right reasons.'

    HR Compliance and Best Practice

    Alexander Kozlov - Head of Finance, Legal & Business Development - 'Maria assisted us with various matters of employment law issues in Ireland, including preparation of internal policies, employment contracts taking into account specifics of our business and provision of advice on various matters we faced.


    Maria is an excellent expert with deep expertise in employment law area who provides advice based on the specifics of her client’s business. All the work undertaken by Maria for us was done at high quality standards and extremely promptly that was very important to set up our operations and start proper employment relationships in Ireland within a short period of time. We feel ourselves safe in Maria hands from an Irish employment law perspective.'

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