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  • What We Do

    MTReconnect is a bespoke HR and Coaching Consultancy, we help scaling business retain talent in today's ever changing business world, where good people are hard to find. We help you and your leaders empower people, drive performance and shape a culture where your employees want to work and don't want to leave. We do this by bringing meaningful conversation into the day to day management and development of your people. We also work with individuals on driving their own performance, reaching their full potential and achieving more career success.

    Strengths Profiling and Coaching

    Mission: Self- Awareness + Self-Management = More Success

    We work with scaling businesses and individuals who want to reach their full potential offering bespoke individual and/ or team coaching programs.


    We develop leaders that are more self aware, agile and drive their own career success using a scientifically proven strengths profile tool. Why? Researchers have proven that people perform six times better when using their strengths and are happier, more engaged and more likely to achieve their goals. Our passion is to enable people in business to succeed and grow.


    Strengths coaching brings much more than higher performance to a growing business, it creates a common language that is spoken, welcomed and understood by all. It can help shift and shape a culture that is more self aware, more open to talking about weaknesses, making mistakes as well as understanding individual strengths, that are necessary to learn and grow.


    If you are looking to manage culture, challenge thinking, improve retention, enrich talent development programs, have more meaningful performance discussions, improve team relationships or dynamics, this is an effective and simple tool you can use today with individuals or groups that doesn't cost a lot.

    Bespoke HR Solutions

    Mission: HR Knowledge + Expertise = More Confidence

    We help start ups and scaling business with no HR function, limited people expertise or knowledge to put the right HR structures and processes in place to ensure legal compliance, to better support and grow your business.


    We undertake a 'HR discovery' to look at your 'what is' and 'to be'. We partner with you on putting a fit for purpose, cost effective plan in place to get you there. We take you to the next level and hold your hand along the way.


    If you are a business that is scaling and needs HR expertise but can't afford a full time HR Manager, we can offer you a retainer solution for twelve months. Save yourself time, money and stress of any legal exposure.


    We also provide adhoc HR advice and consult in the areas of organisational planning and design, recruitment, retention, people development, performance management, employee engagement, employee relations including disciplinaries and grievances, mediation, best practice policies, contracts and handbooks.

    Leadership Development

    Mission: Challenge Thinking + Accountability = Behaviour Change

    We sit down with you to understand and discuss your specific leadership development and coaching training needs in your business right now. We listen to what you want and help clarify what you need.


    We develop and deliver bespoke practical programs or half day workshops for you and your leaders to suit the life stage of your business and your budget.


    We have experience delivering a wide variety of modules such as:

    • How to lead yourself
    • How to lead others
    • How to do competency based interviewing 
    • How to set clear goals 
    • How to manage probations 
    • How to drive more meaningful performance 
    • How to manage difficult conversations
    • How to manage disciplinaries and grievances 
    • How to manage bullying and harassment
    • How to influence 
    • How to communicate better
    Call us for a proposal and cost based on your specific needs.  
  • Who We Are

    Leadership is Not Wielding Authority - It is Empowering People - Becky Brodin

    Maria Treacy

    HR Consultant and Strengths Coach

    With over 16 years professional senior HR experience across various industry, Maria understands business, how it works and the challenges that co-exist with money, technology and people. Maria especially understands that people are complex and can be difficult to manage if you don't know how. Maria's favorite things to do in the whole world are enabling people in business to grow, daily exercise for her body and soul, and surfing online when she can, typically late at night for quirky fashion items and style inspiration when the kids are in bed and the laptop is away. 'Different' was probably her first word, and she uses it to describe herself, anyone and everyone – because what gets her out of bed in the morning are people that want more success in their work, to be authentic and happy. She’s on a mission to help them discover how and 'be the change they want to be' - Ghandi


  • Testimonials

    What My Clients Say

    Performance Management 

    Kate Hyde, Owner and Managing Director - 'Often I am feeling my way in the dark and so to have this professional guidance is just, well, great to be honest. What fantastic insight Maria gave me in the HR consultancy work she did and conversations we had. I found it amazing she picked up such a lot in the short time we had together. She made some amazing points. It's very clear to me how they will work. And good to know there is a framework (for want of a better word) to make this happen. Thanks so much for this, Maria. Really found it so helpful (and calming)'

    HR Compliance and Best Practice

    John Clifford, Finance Director - 'Maria helped us update our policies and contracts in a business that is changing and growing. She helped us make sense of the law and put better structure in place. We now have clarity, alignment and more confidence as a management team. She was organised, attentive and always available to help. She gave us a professional and consistently high quality service.'

    Employment Law Advice

    Vaughan Ryan, Business Owner and Director - 'Thanks Maria for your professionalism. In today's ever complex world of employment law, it's both prudent and necessary to have access to professional and independent HR advice on all your employment matters. As a small retail business in Cork city with 4 employees we know this all too well as we had occasion this year to call on Maria's HR expertise. Her timely advice and professional expertise helped us avoid an expensive employment contract issue. We would highly recommend Maria and MTReconnect.'

    Leadership Coaching

    Sally Anne Quirke, Owner - 'Maria has a gift. I found her leadership coaching style calming and future focused, I left Maria feeling more confident and clear. She takes you on a journey and enables you to gain clarity and take action around what's right for you and your business. Thank you Maria.'

    Leadership Development

    Ciarán Deasy, Financial Controller - 'From the very first management development workshop I attended with Maria on how to manage teams with more success, I learned so much. It was brilliant, I couldn't wait for the next one. She is knowledgeable, inspirational and her sessions are practical, thought provoking and refreshing. She is not the atypical HR Manager you might be used to for all the right reasons.'

    HR Compliance and Best Practice

    Alexander Kozlov - Head of Finance, Legal & Business Development - 'Maria assisted us with various matters of employment law issues in Ireland, including preparation of internal policies, employment contracts taking into account specifics of our business and provision of advice on various matters we faced.


    Maria is an excellent expert with deep expertise in employment law area who provides advice based on the specifics of her client’s business. All the work undertaken by Maria for us was done at high quality standards and extremely promptly that was very important to set up our operations and start proper employment relationships in Ireland within a short period of time. We feel ourselves safe in Maria hands from an Irish employment law perspective.'

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